Virtual Call Center and Phone Concierge

Experienced and professional virtual call center ensures your clients and prospects hear a live voice and receive immediate assistance.
Hire a Virtual Phone Concierge
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Capital CFO+ virtual call center and phone concierge services.

Our virtual call center provides virtual reception answering services in addition to simple administrative assistant duties.

We like to keep things simple.

Our virtual call center ensures that your phones are answered your way—personal service with the support of cutting-edge technology and resources.

Your phones answered your way

We will collaborate with you to create the perfect script for your client and prospect calls.

Field spam calls

Our team will field spam calls and keep your phone lines open for more important calls.

Help with scheduling

Our team will work with you to schedule appointments and calls quickly and efficiently while your clients or prospects are on the phone. No need to play tag to schedule valuable appointments.

Full Reporting on all calls answered

You identify the information you would like captured from each call. Our team will record the information and deliver it to you in a format and timeframe that works for you.


What is a virtual phone concierge?
A virtual phone concierge is an answering service, a call screener, and a scheduler all rolled into one. We saw a need with our clients who were stuck between doing the work and answering their calls. They were burdened with fielding sales calls or unable to spend a chunk of their day getting work done because they were attached to their phone. Just letting it roll to voicemail was not working because their potential and current clients didn’t feel heard, and it was hard to get the correct information all of the time. This solution keeps the focus on customer service and allows you to keep your business working while taking care of your current and future work. 
How do I get my messages and reporting from the virtual phone concierge?
You set the hours we are answering the phones, you forward your calls to our team, and at the end of that time, we send a complete record of all of your messages via email. 
Are there different levels of service when hiring a virtual phone concierge?
You decide how many hours a week or a day you would like us to answer your phone. We can do anything from simply fielding calls to scheduling appointments for estimates or work and screening incoming calls. We work with you on the best fit for your business. 
Do you keep my calls confidential?
Absolutely. Each message is private and sent to you/members of your designated team. Confidential information is shared only with you, and we keep your clients’ privacy and your company’s privacy a priority. 
Do I need to sign a contract to begin using your service?
Yes, our statement of work changes and grows along with you and your company. However, our contracts are month to month, so there is no long-term commitment. 
Do I need to be local to the Capital Region to use this service?
No, our clients are situated all over the US. We want to be business management partners with our clients to help their businesses grow and succeed. 
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