Recruitment Services

Our mission is the same as yours: connect the right candidate with the correct position. Let us put our local experience and network to work for you - we can help you find the right person right here.
Let’s Get Started
We live and work in the Capital Region.

We’ve got the expertise and the local knowledge to find the right candidate with the right combination of skills and attributes for your organization.

We can help you attract, hire, and onboard talented people.

We get to know you, your business and listen to key attributes that you identify. Our process takes the uncertainty out of the hiring process and delivers the perfect candidate.

Let us do the sorting, screening, and vetting so you can interview finalists with confidence and clarity.

Whether you want a comprehensive start-to-finish executive search or crafting a compelling job posting, we provide the guidance and expertise you need.

We make it easy.

Our recruitment team is with you throughout the process, attracting, shortlisting, and selecting suitable candidates for your company’s open positions.

Development of position

We don’t use cookie-cutter position descriptions because your business is unique.

Phone screens

Let us help you save time and put our experience to work. We screen candidates through this first round to present you with position matched applicants.

Initial interviews

Need a second set of eyes? Our team performs initial interviews and provides feedback on the essential skills and experiences you are searching for.

Reference checks

Capital CFO+ will continue with the hiring process by calling the reference checks for your candidates. We will share the questions and answers with you and key you in on any concerns. 

Background checks

Does your company require background checks, or would you like to start running background checks? Capital CFO+ can do that and share the file with you notifying you of any key indicators.

Creation of applications

Need help creating an application you can feel confident about? Capital CFO+ can share a template with you and your team to ensure all of the required questions are targeted.