Personal Finances

We believe that how you spend your money shines a light on what is important to you.


We apply decades of experience and planning skills to create a customized plan for you and your family.

Capital CFO+ can tailor a plan for you and your family and keep you on track for debt relief, vacation plans, savings for retirement/college, home improvement, etc. Capital CFO+ can help to get you there. And most importantly, we make it painless for you and your family!

Monitoring your Finances
Planning for Short- & Long-Term Goals

We build budgets that actually work!

Most households set unrealistic budgets and then give up once they cannot achieve or maintain their goals. At Capital CFO+, we start with you and your family. We evaluate your current spending and then set goals that you can stick with.

A successful budget ensures that it works for you today and can change as your needs change. We start with learning about you and your objectives, then set realistic goals with you and your spending in mind:

  • What matters to you?
  • What are your current priorities?
  • What is important to you now?
  • Where do you want to go?
  • We then find areas to save more money

Keeping it simple

Your budget’s main objective is to figure out how to redirect your money toward priorities – or, better yet, dreams – you consider important. You can use any fancy tools to set up and monitor a budget, but the more simple you keep the process, the more likely you will stay on track. At Capital CFO+, we help you determine what works for you and how best to set up a budget process that keeps you and your family on your path.

  • Paper – Pen, and paper can be just as accurate as an electronic budgeting program.
  • Excel – your next level to set up formulas and sort through the numbers.
  • Mint – this simple financial software makes the job a lot easier while reducing errors.
  • YNAB – You Need a Budget is a service you need to pay for but works for many.
  • Snowball method – pay the same amount each month but reduce your debt quickly.

Monitor and Track Your Progress

Here is where families start to stumble. Most are comfortable evaluating their current spending and setting up short and long-term plans, but then they run out of time to keep track of their weekly spending. Without monitoring, you cannot commit to your budget or your goals. 

  • Set up tools to monitor your current and future spending
  • Separate bills and discretionary funds
  • Create subcategories for all your spending (and savings!)
  • Help you keep your eye on the prize
  • Set up rainy day funds
  • Manage your monthly budget and share results with you


Pick a plan that fits your needs

Capital CFO+ knows that one size does not fit all families; each has different needs and situations. We always customize a plan for you and your family and keep you on track with all current and future challenges and plans. We are here to help you create a manageable, realistic, and successful budget with your goals in mind. You can either choose one of our packages below, or we can create a custom package for you.

Do you need budgeting help and have no idea how or where to start? Lucky for you, we know how to do it.