Hiring a Virtual Phone Concierge

October 19, 2021

Today’s business and office environments are remote, adaptable, and flexible. The virtual phone concierge came about in response to our clients’ request for remote working environments and the need to keep a professional outward-facing image. Our bookkeeping, CFO services, payroll, nonprofit consulting, and business management solutions enable our clients to work remotely. Now the virtual phone concierge offers customized answering services coupled with simple administrative assistant duties.

Sabrina Houser, the owner of Capital CFO+, thought she would answer some frequently asked questions about her new program.

What made you want to add this service to Capital CFO+?

I saw the need and struggle some of my current clients were having running their businesses. Time management was becoming an issue, in particular managing their phones, calls, and schedules. As a business management partner, I want my company to assist with the pain points that we can manage for our clients.

What pain point are you trying to solve for your clients?

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It is very simple. Most businesses are struggling to do more with less. Phone call inbound traffic is a mix of communicating and servicing current clients, fielding prospects and dealing with telemarketing and spam calls that take you away from communicating with your clients. Oh, and did I mention that for small business owners all this is often done while working full time in and on the business?

Our virtual phone concierge will manage the phones and perform light administrative duties such as scheduling, fielding spam calls, and delivering a report of all calls answered. Mission accomplished.

Can small and SMB clients afford a phone concierge service?

Yes, we offer manageable and budget-friendly solutions to businesses of all sizes.

Plumbers, electricians, contractors, and other solopreneurs are constantly out of the office. The phones do not stop ringing, and they need to be answered: you do not want to have a frustrated client or disinterested prospect leave you before you even start.

Do you need technology and IT support to use the service?

You do not need to purchase any new equipment. You just need a phone forwarding option on your phone or phone system. Most phone systems provide this option.

Do I need to sign a contract to begin using your service?

Yes, however, our contracts are month to month, so there is no long-term commitment. Our statement of work changes and grows along with you and your company.

 Why “phone concierge”?

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I think that the term really embraces what we are trying to accomplish with the service. We are real people answering your phone and dealing with your clients and customers just as you would. We want to make sure they feel taken care of as well as meet their needs.

Welcome to business management solutions

Our goal in developing our business management solutions, including the virtual phone concierge, is to offer businesses of all sizes the resources and tools they need to succeed. For years, we have provided CFO and bookkeeping solutions and we listened to our clients’ concerns about running a business.

We want to chat with you about your needs and concerns. Contact us and take back control of your time!

We have that experience.

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