Group Facilitation

Our facilitators allow your group to focus on the outcome – not worry about the meeting. We can help your group meet your objectives more efficiently and effectively.
Maximize Your Group Effectiveness
Getting a project group together or starting a long-term planning process? Our Facilitation services help you develop workable, realistic solutions that result in better decisions, so you get better outcomes. Skilled facilitation motivates groups, builds consensus, manages dysfunction, maintains focus, generates ownership and inspires groups to action.
What is a facilitator?

A facilitator plans, guides and manages a group event to meet its goals. The facilitator’s main task is to help the group increase effectiveness by improving its process and structure. A good facilitator can save a group considerable time and make the meeting a pleasant experience that ensures agreement and resolution. Facilitators are neutral – not taking sides. Facilitating involves making suggestions and offering insights to help the group engage in productive conversation. A facilitator guides the group through dialogues, activities, and discussions by being aware of and prepared for differences, divisions, multiple interpretations, and other forms of conflict. A good facilitator considers the needs of the group as a whole and finds ways of focusing on those issues that encourage discussion and lead to resolution.

Could a member of the group itself act as a facilitator?

It’s difficult to both participate and facilitate. So, if you have an interest in the eventual outcome of the group’s work, or the skills, experience or authority to add to the discussion and/or decision making, consider bringing in an external facilitator.

A skilled facilitator helps a group:
  • Define goals, roles and relationships
  • Provide on-going feedback on the group’s functioning
  • Improve how the group works together
  • Increase the group’s effectiveness
What types of groups might benefit from a facilitator?
  • Strategic focus groups/standing committees
  • Project groups
  • Natural work groups
  • Nonprofit board of directors
Meet Company Objectives
  • Budgeting & Projections
  • Customized Training
  • Financial management
Strategic Planning Sessions
  • Budgeting
  • Planning & Goal Development
  • Stakeholder Engagement
Community Groups
  • Planning & Goal Development
  • Developing mission and vision statements
  • Facilitating long term strategic planning
Facilitated Board Retreats
  • Team-building
  • Focused action planning
  • Board self-evaluation