Effective Grant Writing Strategies for Nonprofit Companies

March 29, 2021

When a nonprofit company engages a firm to assist them with effective grant writing strategies, they take the burden off their shoulders and put the most competitive grant proposal forward. There is a proposal format and formula for Federal, State, and private or corporate foundations with grant writing strategies. Understanding grants and possessing the experience to write a grant application increases the nonprofit’s ability to secure the funding.

What is a grant?

A grant is a method of funding a nonprofit’s initiatives, research, and programs. Grants assist the nonprofit with the needed funds to get their initiatives off the ground and implemented. Grants do not provide sustainability; therefore, grant writing is an ongoing process. Fundraising efforts continue to support the nonprofit once the grant has been exhausted and the initiative is in place.

What are grant writing strategies for nonprofits?

Grant Management for nonprofits

Grant writing for nonprofits is essential to their existence. Professional and experienced grant writers are knowledgeable of the grant writing process and skilled with submitting a well-written and compliant grant application. Understanding the role that grants play in the overall strategy of a nonprofit is essential to the success of its programs.

What type of grants is available for nonprofit companies?

There are basically three types of grants available to nonprofit companies:

Federal Grants: Federal grants are highly competitive, with as few as five US agencies awarded a grant from tens of thousands of nonprofits nationwide. Federal grant writers are valuable to a nonprofit and possess the needed skills and knowledge to steer through the application process.

State Grants: New York State grant website is cumbersome and somewhat challenging to a novice grant writer. State grant application systems vary by State and require a grant writer with intimate knowledge of the system to be successful.

Private and Corporate Foundations: These grants are more straightforward and specific to initiates that improve the lives of the State’s residents.

At Capital CFO+, we have developed a master grant writing strategies checklist and questionnaire to profile our nonprofit clients and capture standard information needed for most grants. While reviewing the grant, we work with our agencies and provide information on the grant’s competitiveness and if it makes sense to apply. We review and advise our clients on their initiatives, their goals to meet with the grant’s funds, and how to continue to fund the initiatives after the grant money has been spent.

How does a nonprofit manage its grants, and why is it important?

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Managing grants from inception to reporting requires skill, time, and experience. A grant is not given without parameters. The grant writing process requires skillful management even before the grant is delivered.

  • Researching the available grants that align with the nonprofit’s mission
  • Monitoring due dates for the applications
  • Gathering the necessary information to draft the application

Once you receive the grant, there are restrictions. The budget is specific for what is allowed or not allowed. There must be an accounting of expenditures such as keeping receipts and tracking and submitting payroll records.

Financial reports are required in conjunction with program goals. How did you do? Did you meet your goals and the program goals? How have you managed the funds, and was the program successful? What are the outcomes? How did you measure it?

How much is a grant, and how long does it take to get a grant?

Grants range in size from small funds to finance large capital expenditures. There is no definitive answer to how long it takes to get a grant. Many clients engage with us to research possible grants to achieve their goals and include estimated time to write, submit, and track the application.

Applications for grants may be denied, and the nonprofit is left with a challenge to fund its needs and goals. We offer solutions for revisiting the goals or programs the nonprofit is looking to support and provide alternative funding opportunities.

Why hire a grant writer?

Simple. At Capital CFO+, we know what it takes to succeed and secure the grants you need to achieve your goals. Our Federal and State grant writers know how to maneuver through the system swiftly and accurately. Then we will tie it all together and manage your grants, all the while looking ahead to how you can best continue to fund the programs and systems that your communities need.

Contact our Director of Nonprofit Services, Katie Stair, and enjoy the benefits of grant writing and grant management for your nonprofit.

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