Mark Oberreuter


Following the passing of all three Chartered Financial Analyst (“CFA”) exams, Mark began his banking career with a formal credit training program at a large money center bank. Mark has over 12 years of experience in banking and financial roles, serving as a strategic partner through communicating and collaboratively working with clients to structure transactions and negotiate credit documents that allowed for sufficient liquidity, operating flexibility, and appropriate covenant metrics. As a portfolio manager, Mark originated over $10 Billion of senior bank debt and committed over $15 Billion of bank capital. Mark has extensive experience in:

  • Establishing and maintaining banking and investment relationships – including the negotiation of credit agreements and ISDA documentation
  • Financial Statement Analysis including liquidity, leverage, and ratio analysis
  • Forecasting & Modelling
  • Corporate Finance including capital budgeting, rate of return analysis (NPV, IRR), and optimum capital structure

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