John Zielinski


With 35 years of experience as a Chief Financial Officer, Corporate Controller, and Vice President of Finance and Administration, John possesses extensive senior financial, administrative management, and problem-solving expertise. He has experience in public accounting, over 17 years in manufacturing, and 19 years with commercial, service, and nonprofit organizations. John can be reached at

In addition to expertise in accounting, auditing, and financial management, he has experience in:

  • Establishing and maintaining banking and investment relationships
  • Implementing, updating, and converting information technology systems
  • Analyzing and selecting employee benefit plans advantageous to both the employees and company
  • Reducing costs without sacrificing quality or performance
  • Rewriting organizational handbooks to comply with ever-changing federal and NYS regulations
  • Choosing the best & most cost-effective insurance and risk management policies and programs
  • Managing the Information Technology, Human Resources, Purchasing and Facilities departments
  • Analyzing, developing, and implementing internal control systems to ensure compliance with organizational policies and to safeguard its’ assets
  • Assessing the need for, implementing, and managing organizational change
  • Formulating solutions to operational problems emphasizing cost control, cost analysis, efficiency analysis, inventory management, and purchasing. 
  • Managing, accounting, and reporting on over $230 million in federal grants & contracts
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