Katy Stenta


Katy Stenta has seventeen years of professional experience in the nonprofit sector, she has served on boards of all shapes and sizes in all kinds of roles including: executive, chair, clerk, and financial secretary. She has enjoyed roles including running a church, nursery school, community farmers market and running multiple executive searches. She also has consulted and workshopped on disability inclusion, being a community space, fundraising and innovation in leadership. She loves teaching, writing and building an inclusive community wherever she goes. Katy also happens to be an ordained minister, she also writes articles and prayers in her spare time. Katy is excited to be all but dissertation for her Doctorate in Creative Writing as a Public Theologian from Pittsburgh Theological Seminary, where Mr. Rogers studied. She is ready to communicate with you about your nonprofits needs. Katy can be reached at katy@capitalcfollc.com.

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