We Are An Association Management Company

Providing management and specialized administrative support to professional associations.
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We help associations operate, thrive and grow through holistic management solutions.

Capital CFO+ provides expertise, staffing and resources needed for associations, nonprofits and philanthropic organizations to effectively manage day-to-day operations and advance their long-term goals. Our tailored management solutions will help your organization move toward growth. We offer outsourced management solutions in the following areas:

  • Bookkeeping and CFO services
  • CFO Business Planning
  • Payroll Services
  • Nonprofit Management + Consulting
  • Professional Development
  • Marketing + Communications 
  • Brand Design Services
  • Administrative Services

What Are the Benefits of Working with an AMC?

Hiring an association management company, like Capital CFO+, can often be a cost and time-efficient way to access the expertise you lack in-house to manage and grow your association.

  • Customized staff and services to fit your needs
  • A broad spectrum of knowledge and expertise
  • Day-to-day and ongoing staff management
  • Improved staffing and resource allocation
  • Proven best management practices and best-of-class resources and technologies
  • Efficiencies derived from leveraging shared resources
  • Reduced business risks
  • Greater member satisfaction resulting from the professionalism and responsiveness of staff
  • Freedom from daily operations that allows Boards to maintain their focus on mission and strategy
  • Integration of innovative strategies and ideas
  • Scalability to accommodate organization growth or contraction over time

Who Should Work With an AMC?

Associations are turning to management companies more regularly for their expertise in administrative management strategies that are critical to long-term success. An association, nonprofit, or organization will likely benefit from working with an AMC if they:

  • Need to manage upcoming change
  • Are facing declining membership
  • Want to maintain a robust financial position
  • Are looking for ways to implement innovation
  • Require intelligent and data-driven direction
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