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August 27, 2020

Nonprofit organizations are struggling, and it is as simple as that. The financial and staffing challenges often seem insurmountable. According to a recent article by Nonprofit Quarterly,

many organizations, particularly those who rely on fee-for-service income, have already seen no alternative but to lay off their staff, risking losing their invaluable institutional wisdom and commitment, assets that will be needed when they are ready to begin operations as the pandemic eases.

Nonprofits are caught between the steep increase in the need for services and the declining ability to provide them. “The worry is endless,” said a nonprofit CEO who shared her concerns over revenue and staffing. “We just cannot do it this way much longer.”

What are some of the challenges facing nonprofits and the leaders who are driving their mission forward? Here are some observations from our interactions with community nonprofit organizations, leaders, and managers.

  • Nonprofit leaders are often asked to do more with less and take on projects/tasks that are not traditionally a CEO or ED role. Their mindset is, “but it’s just a few hours” or “who would I delegate it to?” and “I’ll just do that.”

  • Stretched too thin, overburdened leaders and managers are unable to focus on their primary role. This creates an atmosphere of putting out fires instead of driving the organization’s mission forward.

  • Pressure and isolation as a CEO or CFO are immense. The need to shield their employees is tremendous. These leaders need to manage up and down and they rarely have anyone to confide in and brainstorm with concerning the challenges they are facing. Their need for a coach/mentor to run things by, talk through concerns and get an outside perspective is important for them and their agency. As one leader stated, “although I am rarely ever alone, I am still very isolated.”

Nonprofit organizations in our community list these items as their primary needs:

  • Grant writing, research, and development. Additionally, the management of a grant and ensuring programmatic and financial obligations/requirements are met.

  • Fundraising with donors/board members and event planning.

  • Reporting and financials

  • Board of Directors recruitment and training

  • Recruitment and development for new and existing employees

  • Human Resources concerns

  • Education, community interaction, and financial survival in this pandemic environment

At Capital CFO+, we offer solutions. In the upcoming months, you will find nonprofit resources and solutions from Capital CFO+ to support you with your business challenges. We will work with you on everything from:

  • Grant management: grant writing, research, and reporting

  • Strategic planning: group facilitation, plan & goal development, and stakeholder engagement

  • Board Development: Board member recruiting, training, and roles & responsibilities breakdown

  • Fund development

  • Leadership Transition: Transition planning & management

  • Interim ED/CEO

  • Executive recruitment and program recruitment

  • CEO leadership coaching & training.

  • Training and Workshops: Webinars and customized training on fund development, budgeting and projections, and governance

  • Outreach and Community: Messaging and creating your elevator pitch, speech writing, PowerPoint presentation developing, and editing.

  • CFO Bookkeeping Services: Full range of CFO and bookkeeping services to include bill payments, vouchering, financial statements, grant maintenance, and budgeting.

If there is a topic you would like to see added to the series, please email us, and we would be happy to speak with you about your nonprofit.

Sabrina Houser started Capital CFO+ in 2016. Having worked in the nonprofit arena for twenty years, Sabrina saw first-hand the need for accuracy, efficiency, and transparency when it came to a company’s finances. She has the unique perspective of working as a CEO and CFO of a nonprofit and the experience in managing multiple funding sources and agreements. You can contact Sabrina at or visit us here.


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