The value of creating a recruiting road map

July 21, 2020

It takes experience and skill to have successful recruiting, hiring, and retention of good talent. Creating a job description or posting is just the beginning. How do you communicate to the job seekers who you are, what you do, and is it enough to incite to take action?

  • What is your company culture like? Do you want to add to the current culture or shake it up and add diversity and uniqueness to your company?

  • Finding the fit will depend on the answer to the question above. What will or could a new hire do to your culture?

  • Tough, but fair question: Do you have the time and experience to successfully recruit and hire for your own business?

It seems so easy and intuitive: you create the job description, publish the post, and wait for the resumes to come pouring in. Oh, that will happen, but how it happens needs to be examined for the process to be successful.

The 4 stages of successful recruiting.

Are you feeling a little anxiety about this? Let’s explain it and know that we are here to help you each step of the way. Here is the process we find to be the most effective.

1. Stop. Think. Write. Think about your company culture, your employees, and the open position. Convey these sentiments and clarity into the job description and posting.

2. Screening. Proper screening either telephonically or reviewing the resumes is critical. Do you have a process in place to do so?

3. Interviews. No problem, I’ve got this. Ok, talk to me about your interview skills. Did you know that 75% of hiring managers have never been trained on how to properly interview?

4. Offers, reference checking, hiring documentation. Once again, a staggering fact that 80% of businesses do not have the proper legal documentation to hire including offer letters, background checks, and employee handbooks (once the hire is done). Now that you mention it, do you have a suitable application to begin with?

Are you ready to recruit and hire your next valuable asset?

Do you need a little bit of help? Our mission in recruiting is the same as yours: connect the right candidate with the right positions. We capitalize on our local network and connections. We will find you the right person, right here in town.

  • Office management

  • Bookkeepers

  • CEO’s for both profit and nonprofit

  • CFO’s for both profit and nonprofit

  • Human Resource Managers

  • Finance Managers

  • Technical/IT support/help desk and management

  • Sales positions

Whether you want a comprehensive start-to-finish executive search, or simply need help crafting a compelling job posting, we’re here to provide the guidance and expertise you need. Your first consultation is free so let’s talk. What do you have to lose?