Recruiting great candidates

June 16, 2017

You want to find the and recruit right candidates for your company. You are making an investment and turn over is the number one financial and time consuming drain on a company. Finding the right person for the job is essential to your growth.

Finding the right fit means putting in the work at the beginning and finding out why this person wants to work for you, why this company, why this position. First, define the role and learn right away that roles change and evolve as the company changes. Post on social media and find the right places to post. Make it easy to apply and then find the candidate for you. Sometimes that means building a position for someone you want working with you and other times it means finding someone to fit your needs.

Be transparent about the position, the company and the salary range. You do not want candidates applying and interviewing and wasting anyone’s time that does not meet all of your essential criteria.

 A great tactic to use is ask them to get you excited about something they are passionate about. This can be a professional or personal passion but seeing their enthusiasm can determine what motivates them and if this is a good fit.

Another good practice is to ask them to be very specific in the interview. Broad questions like how do you manage your time can lead to misrepresentation. But having them think of a time they missed a deadline and what led to the situation and how it was handled gives you a better perspective on the candidate.